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Geological and Environmental Services

We can provide many types of geological and environmental services including Phase I environmental site assessments; environmental compliance audits; underground storage tank closures; soil and groundwater assessment and remediation; hydrogeological testing (slug, specific capacity, aquifer); stormwater permitting, plan preparation, and sampling; and Trust Fund Applications and Submittals.

In addition, we have a team of professionals at our disposal to assist us with all facets of geological and environmental projects including safety professionals, remediation contractors, drillers, environmental laboratories, and hazardous waste experts to identify, pack, transport, and dispose of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Key services include the following:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Transaction Screens

Phase II Assessments – Groundwater Sampling

Remediation – Soil and Groundwater Cleanup, Soil Cleanup Plans, Corrective Action Plans

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Underground Storage Tank Closures and Assessments

Regulator Compliance Audits

Regulatory Compliance Assisstance/Reporting – Form R Tier II, Waste Stormwater, UST

Environmental Management Systems/Databases

Permitting – Wastewater Discharge, Stormwater, Air Emissions

Contract Field Services – Sampling, Pilot Testing, etc.

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